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On possessing the relevant visa, travelers from different parts of the world can visit USA, be it for business purpose, touring the country, or simple visiting the near and dear ones. Obtaining the visa can be an arduous task, but with Pragati Consulting at your service, the procedure becomes considerably stress free. Call Pragati Consulting today and begin your journey through the correct route.

As per our knowledge, employers and businesses within USA receive many applications for employment coming from abroad. A number of companies or managers will reject the CV owing to the fact that the applicant is from abroad and hence would require to abide by lengthy USA immigration procedures. Pragati Consulting is aware of the demands of the US employers and authorities, and hence we show you the most suitable route.

In US, there exists a capping on the number of immigrants permissible each year, which changes as per prevalent rules and regulations. Therefore it is crucial that your application be verified by a Pragati Consulting expert.

An applicant from a foreign country on coming to the United States needs to obtain a non-immigrant visa enabling temporary stay or else an immigrant visa allowing permanent residence. The purpose of travel decides the type of visa.

US citizens do not require a US visa for traveling, but on traveling abroad they may require a visa from the embassy of the destination country.

A number of foreign immigrants and visitors arrive at USA each year, adding to the country’s economic, educational and cultural life.

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