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United Kingdom Visas

If you are looking forward to relocation in UK, get in touch with the experts at Pragati Consulting. We will do our best to provide you with comprehensive solutions to your requirements.

You will undergo a detailed consultation to ensure that every case fact is documented. Following the consultation procedure, a brief plan would be charted out to handle the case.

The following are some of the case instances we handle:

  • Applications with respect to the Point-Based arrangement
  • Applications calling for entry clearance
  • Over-stayer visa regularization
  • Removals and deportations from the UK
  • Assistance in bail or temporary release as well as release from detention.
  • Appeals to the Upper Tribunal or the First-Tier
  • British Citizenship related applications
  • Indefinite Leave Applications for remaining in UK
  • Applications governed by EEA regulations or European Law
  • Tier 4 migrant applications for studying in UK
  • Applications as well as appeals pertaining to asylum
  • Immigration Appeals as well as Visa Refusals

Our London office consists of trained and dedicated consultants who have a past record of successfully helping candidates from the UK and abroad in obtaining their visas, through experienced and expert representation as well as advice pertaining to every field of worldwide immigration.

Contact us today and make you UK immigration process hassle-free.

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