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Norwegian Visas

Pragati Consulting presently provides assistance in obtaining Jobseekers Permit to the country of Norway. Going by a 2005 survey, Norwegian salaries happen to be the world’s 5th largest in the world. Currently, Norway is the world’s 2nd wealthiest country in terms of monetary value. With a high natural resource to population ration, the country boasts of one of the highest living standards. The unemployment rate in the country is also very low.

The residence permit for skilled jobseekers is a great option for talented persons intending to stay and get employment in Norway. It enables the skilled jobseekers to

  • Get half a year residence permit in the country
  • Find jobs as a specialist or skilled worker
  • Make manifold journeys to Norway within the permit duration

Applicants intending to apply for this visa must have fulfilled any one of these requisites:

  • Completion of a craft course or vocational training,
  • Attaining a university degree,
  • Possessing higher education qualifications obtained from authorized universities abroad, with respect to the relevant skills, in line with Norwegian standards.

The residence permit for skilled jobseekers applies only to the residents of countries where this visa is necessary. But ethnic cooks, teachers or religious workers do not have the eligibility to acquire a Jobseeker visa, owing to the requirements being more rigorous for skilled jobseekers. For such applicants, migration to Norway is possible only once they have obtained an offer of employment.

Besides the above requisites as a skilled worker, applicants ought to have adequate funds to settle in Norway during the intended stay, medical and travel insurance.

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