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Hong Kong for sure is one of the most happening places in the world. From advanced technology, great infrastructure to highest level of skilled migrant workers – Hong Kong has it all. Now, it opens up Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS).

It is an entrant scheme which aims to attract talent from different parts of the globe to increase its economic competitiveness in the world market. Thus, maintain the tag of being a significant financial center in Asia.

Hong Kong calls skilled foreign workers to its turf to live and work there. Allows them to migrate with their families i.e. their spouse and children below 18, and explore related employment opportunities.

The process of filing for QMAS is simple. It requires you to take any one of the two point based tests – General Points Test or Achievement Based Points Test. These tests ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria such as the age, education, language, experience, character, and financial resources.

Once you clear the test and obtain the required score, visa application can be filed with Hong Kong Immigration Department. The application goes through the selection process conducted by the department and the results are shared on the official website and a notification is sent to you thereafter. If the application is selected the applicant will receive approval-in-principal. The last stage is that of receiving an approval-in-principle letter and issuance of Visa/entry permit.


  • Successful applicants receive a 1 year visa extendable every year
  • Offer of local employment is not required before migrating to Hong Kong
  • Take your family spouse and unmarried dependent children under 18 along
  • Apply for Citizenship after 7 years of stay in Hong Kong


The eligibility criteria requires you to attain at least 80 out of maximum 165 points in the General Points Test or 165 Points in the Achievement Based Points Test. The points are calculated on the following factors:

Age: Should be between 18 and 50 years to achieve score points on Age

Qualification: Should hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD from a recognized university to score points for qualification

Work Experience: Possess more than 2 years of full-time graduate level work experience

Language Proficiency: Have IELTS or TOEFL to score points in Language Proficiency

Family Background: Accompanying Spouse and Child can increase your overall score


Program Points

You can claim points as mentioned in the table below;

General Points Test


Factors Points Claimed Points
1 Age (Maximum 30 points)
18-39 30
40-44 20
45-50 15
51 or above 0
2 Academic/Professional Qualifications (Maximum 45 points)
Two or more Doctoral Degrees 45
Doctoral Degree / Two or more Master Degrees 40
Master Degree / Two or more Bachelor Degrees 35
Bachelor Degree / Professional Qualification awarded by a nationally or internationally recognized or acclaimed professional body which demonstrates that the holder has a very high level of technical expertise or skill 30
3 Work Experience (Maximum 50 points)
Not less than 10 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience, including at least 5 years in a senior role 50
Not less than 5 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience, including at least 2 years in a senior role 40
Not less than 5 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience 30
Not less than 2 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience 10
4 Language Proficiency (Maximum 20 points)
Being proficient both in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) and English 20
Being proficient in at least one foreign language (written and spoken) in addition to written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English 15
Being proficient in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English 10
5 Family Background (Maximum 20 points)
5.1 At least one immediate family member (married spouse, parents, siblings, children) is a Hong Kong permanent resident residing in Hong Kong 5
5.2 Accompanying married spouse is educated to the equivalent level of a degree or above 5
5.3 5 points for each accompanying unmarried dependent child under the age of 18, maximum 10 points 5 / 10


Program Occupations

The sectors under which the applicant can file the application is as mentioned below;


  1. Academic Research and Education – Ex. Nurseries, Tertiary Education, Academic Research
  2. Architecture, Surveying, Engineering and Construction – Ex. Landscaping, Architecture, Surveying, Civil/ Electrical/ Mechanical/ Structural/ Environmental Engineering
  3. Arts and Culture – Ex. Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Museums, Libraries, Photography
  4. Broadcasting and Entertainment – Ex. Broadcasting & Programming, Motion Picture, Video & Television Programme Production, Sound Record & Music Publishing
  5. Business Support and Human Resources – Ex. Business Consulting, Company Secretary, Administrative Support, Human Resources Management, Recruitment Services, Public Relations Services, Advertising, Information Services
  6. Catering and Tourism – Ex. Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Travel Agencies
  7. Commerce and Trade – Ex. Import & Export, Retail, Wholesale
  8. Financial and Accounting Services – Ex. Accountancy, Banking, Insurance, Securities, Investment Banking
  9. Human Health and Veterinary Services – Ex. Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Dental Services, Medical Technologists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Veterinary Services
  10. Information Technology and Telecommunications – Ex. IT Consultancy, Wireline or Wireless Communications
  11. Legal Services – Ex. Legal Practice
  12. Logistics and Transportation – Ex. Logistics, Air Transport, Sea Transport, Land Transport
  13. Manufacturing Industries – Ex. Electrical, Electronics, Food & Beverages, Chemical, Metals, Toys, Textiles, Watches, Jewellery, Printing & Publishing
  14. Sports – Ex. Sports Activities
  15. Others


Application Cost

Visa Fees – HK$ 160 (To be paid upon successful visa Interview in Hong Kong).

Qualification Assessment Fees – US$ 292

IELTS or TOEFL fees – As Applicable

Process Time

The Hong Kong Immigration Department releases the selection exercise result once every quarter. Selection exercises will be done on a regular basis for quota allocation to applicants. During each selection exercise, applications which satisfy both the prerequisites and the minimum passing mark (under the General Points Test) or the one point-scoring factor (under the Achievement-based Points Test) will be ranked according to scores awarded. High scoring applications will be short-listed for further assessment.


The average process time is between 6-9 months after the application submission.


Pragati Process

Our Full Service & Processing Includes:

  • Documents Checklist
  • Complete Application Processing
  • Forms, Documentation & Petition Filing
  • Updates & Follow up with the Consulate
  • Assistance with the queries and qualification assessment process
  • Airport Pickup*
  • Accommodation Assistance*
  • Relocation Orientation
  • Job Search Assistance*
  • Relocation Assistance *

* These services are provided at an additional cost.

Pragati Immigration Department

We offer documentation processing, application & filing services for those interested in immigrating.

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They are five countries that currently have a point based immigration program. Point based immigration is a good option for those who want to work & settle overseas.

There are a number of categories under which an applicant can file his/her application. You can either apply independently /a relative sponsor you / an overseas Employer sponsor you Or the country
itself sponsor you. Applicants whose occupations are in demand usually get bonus points & faster processing. Each country has their specific list of occupations.


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