Why should I take the help of a Pragati Consulting consultant for my visa process?

At Pragati Consulting, our experts have years of experience in dealing with various visa application scenarios and requisites. Each of our specialists has rendered assistance in lots of cases obtaining successful approval. This expertise can be invaluable in ensuring a positive outcome.

What is the time taken for completion of my visa application?

Approval time depends on the concerned country. On completion and submission of an application, our expert will get in touch with you for discussion on the specific country wise requisites along with turnaround time for the visa you intend to apply for. For any assistance while waiting for the visa, contact us.

What happens during change in immigration rules?

Changes in immigration rules take place very frequently. Each year, fresh rules are set up, with alterations being made to different visa procedures. So, it is important for you to avail the assistance of an immigration advisor, when you intend to apply for a visa. The advisor can keep you updated regarding the latest changes. Alterations taking place in immigration rules are only applicable for new visas. If the process has already been started, the changed rules do not have any impact.

How much is charged by Pragati Consulting for a visa?

Each of the countries for which we offer assistance in obtaining visas, has different charges. Our immigration consultant will explain to you the costs and other details pertaining to the required visa. We will also discuss the price plans with you. For any queries, always feel free to contact us.

How do I know the criteria for qualifying for visa of the selected country?

In order to know the qualifying criteria, you can undergo a free visa evaluation procedure with us, wherein you will be contacted by one of our experts. You may complete the evaluation process over the phone. The process is fast, free and without any kind of obligation.

What are the documents needed for application?

The immigration advisors at Pragati Consulting will render all the vital information you need for the documentation process and proof that will be required for completion of the immigration procedure.

Do I get any assistance from you if my visa is rejected?

If your visa is refused, you can have many options. If, as per the refusal, you get a chance to appeal, you may appeal for the same. Otherwise, on the basis of the reasons of refusal, you might need to go for a fresh application. After analyzing the refusal details, our advisors will guide you regarding the continuity of your case.

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